Sunday, February 16, 2014

Make Art That Sells~February Assignment: Cell Phone Cases!

So last week we got the February Assignment from MATS. We are to create a cell phone case with our cuckoo clock design. I am currently in the final drawing stage and very close to going to color--(only one more week until the deadline!!) I went with a Native American inspired look for my design. So far I am happy with it but I think for the March assignment I am going to play with more ideas, more designs...More than one illustration.
We can only submit one piece to the class gallery each month--this got me to think how great would it be to have options and to choose the best piece from a group of designs/illustrations.
This is my first time taking this class so it is a learning experience for me. I would like to try a simpler illustration for the March assignment, depending on what it is. I am naturally very detailed in my work and getting simple illustration and simple design down is a big challenge for me, yet it is definitely a look I want to experiment with.

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