Sunday, August 10, 2014

Big Art Update~Part 2

Make It In Design Summer School: Advanced Creative Brief 1

In yesterday's post, I mentioned that I would post art from the MIID Advanced Track. The first assignment was to design a water inspired/water ray pattern using only 4 colors, plus black and/or white if we chose. We were also asked to include a textured layer (such as fabric, ink splatter, peeling paint, etc).
Reflecting on this assignment, I feel it should have been completed before the Intermediate challenge because it was tough (it wouldn't be an advanced assignment otherwise!) We were encouraged to mock up the pattern onto a set of cushions. We were also provided a list of other great product options to apply the pattern to. The pattern could also be repeating or non-repeating.

Final submitted to the MIID Advanced Gallery 1.

Watercolor painting which I turned into a pattern on the throw pillows. This was also my 'texture'

This piece was the definition of the 80/20 rule, sometimes said as "80% of the work you do is done in 20% of the time." I did this assignment at the last minute, probably in a few hours before the deadline. I feel it came out well but I would have loved to have done a more transparent, "watery" pattern. I also had another idea to do a pattern inspired by pool tiles. If you look up 'pool tiles' or 'Roman pool tiles' in Google Images you get some great inspiration. I happened to type in 'paisley pool tiles'  to see what would happen and I got this cool image:

I still would like to try these pattern ideas but for now I am looking forward to the next 4 weeks for the Intermediate and Advanced tracks!

In Part 3 I will post about the July assignment from Make Art That Sells Assignment Bootcamp. :-)

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